Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pin Cushion Tutorial

I've been meaning to make a pin cushion for AGES but wasn't too sure how to go about it. After taking a looksie online, I have adapted a few tutorials I came across in my own way and came up with this method. You don't need a sewing machine at all and there is minimal hand stitching involved so it's a quick and easy thing to make — and makes a great gift!

How-to after the jump....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gluten/Dairy Free Chocolate Chip & Ricie Cookies

I'm always trying to convert recipes for Grace so that she can have yummy treats — there is so much that she can't have and I feel so sorry for her sometimes! I adapted these from a great cookbook called Kitchen for Kids by Jennifer Low. The recipes are really easy and interesting so great for when you have a spare 1/2 an hour to make something delicious! These seriously took me no longer than 20 minutes — instant gratification for a pre-schooler, haha

These cookies are meant to be made with Butterscotch chips, but being that Butterscotch has way too much sugar for kids, I substituted it for dark compound chocolate chips which the recipe suggested.

I buy the Pams dark compound chocolate chips as they are totally dairy free, with no skim milk powder — none of the others I have found are dairy free so if you find some, grab 'em!

Recipe after the jump...

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