Sunday, November 7, 2010

Summer Ice-Cream....

I've been messing around with making sorbet and thought that I would check out how to make ice-cream, when I had a go and saw how easy it was; it was really hard to stop! I've since splurged a little on an ice-cream maker and it has been so much fun for Gracie and I.

As you know, Grace is lactose and gluten intolerant so Summer can be a little depressing when you want a nice, creamy, cold ice-cream and another ice block just won't cut it. Soy ice-cream is expensive, so it tends to be a special treat and is rationed out — not fun — and definitely not enough to fill a cone and have it dripping down your hand. That, would be far too wasteful.

Anyway, back to the good stuff — how to make it! I mucked around with a few recipes that I found on-line and I think that I have created the perfect ice-cream (for us) that isn't full of gelatin or things that are super hard to find. I have the recipes here for either vanilla or strawberry; we made strawberry and it was awesome. Using coconut cream means that you have a similar fat content as regular cream which gives it a wonderful texture; you can't taste the coconut but if you wanted to play up that flavour add almond extract instead of vanilla.

Vanilla Ingredients:
3 egg yolks
200g caster sugar
1 x 165 can of coconut cream
just under 1 cup of soy milk (any kind)
1/4 tsp vanilla essence
200g chopped strawberries
1-2T strawberry yoghurt

Separate yolks into a metal bowl, add caster sugar and mix with an electric egg beater until light and fluffy. Slowly add milk, coconut cream and vanilla while still beating. Combine really well.

To make strawberry: in a blender or stick blender cup pop the strawberries and yoghurt and make into a purée. Add to vanilla mixture and mix well.

Chill mixture in the fridge until it's really cold. The metal bowl will help speed up this process. Once chilled, add to your ice-cream maker following the manufacturers instructions. Makes 1 litre of amazing, dairy free ice-cream.

If you don't have an ice cream maker, here is a handy site for some directions.


Rach said...

Fantastic to see omeone blogging about gluten free...

I am GF and we are keeping our little guy (nearly 11 months old) GF for now at least till he is a bit bigger and can explain if he gets any symptoms.

Foxes Shop said...

Hi Rach, thanks for stopping by! It can be hard when they are little and can't tell you what's wrong! I've got some other yummy recipes on here that we often have, I must post my berry muffins too! Made some tonight for school lunches — very yummy!

We made this as chocolate ice cream yesterday and it turned out beautifully. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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