Wednesday, February 10, 2010



Hey Everyone,

Sorry, I have been a little slack on the posts for this blog. I have finally taken some photo's of my latest harvest from the vege garden, and look at the results! I'm very proud and it's giving us so many veges.

I have been picking the beans since before Christmas and the plants are insane now (nearly falling over and taking over any available pole to grow up). We have had 4 cucumbers (would have been more had our lawn mower man not obliterated the end of the plant...), the carrots we had one good harvest but the second lot have just stayed really small and the peas were great (until said lawn mower guy accidentally sprayed them with something nasty — harsh words were said...). Our Oak Leaf Lettuce was awesome and I only just pulled them out as they went to seed — we had enough for salads and sandwiches almost every day.

As you can see we now have a yellow pepper! Our first one! Plenty from the green capsicum bush and LOADS of chilli's — that I have now strung up and am drying in the kitchen. Our tomatoes were a Christmas gift from my lovely friend, Jana and have been exploding over the last few days, plus the little cherry tomatoes from Ray have started too. Oh, and enough strawberries for Grace to have with some yoghurt for pudding most nights.

I do think that it has saved us money having the vegetable garden, I haven't had to buy any green beans, lettuce or cucumbers all season and combined with the things that take longer to grow it has been really good.

The best part is when I ask Grace what veges she wants for dinner and instantly jumps up to get them with me from the garden, tonight, I asked her if she wanted tomato from the garden or the shop with her dinner — "from the garden Mummy!" she said with a tone of what-kind-of-crazy-are-you-on-Mum in her voice.

Now to plan what to plant for winter and to find some good chutney recipes!

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