Thursday, March 11, 2010

Easter Is Coming...

I'm not usually a huge Easter person, mainly because my family was never that religious and because I was never allowed to have loads and loads of chocolate. That aside, Grace is very excited about Easter and I think that can be attributed to day-care and the fact that they have been making loads of Easter type goodies — bunny ears, cards, little baskets for eggs — which I think is pretty awesome (anything crafty is awesome actually!)

With Grace being intolerant to dairy and wheat, she often misses out on treats during festive times of the year so I have to be quite creative with what she can have. I was on a trip to Spotlight today for some threads and fabric for a Bam Bam Creative wholesale order — when I spotted these little goodies! A little bunny basket and these awesome little plastic eggs that you can fill with your own treats. I'm going to fill them with little hairclips, rings, stamps, stickers and marshmellows so that Grace can still enjoy an egg hunt but without the upset tummy.

If you would like to pick one up for yourself they are very reasonably priced — $5 for the bunny and $3 for the eggs, so won't break the bank — cheaper than the chocolate eggs and they will even last until next year.


Megan said...

wish we had spotlight in tauranga!

Bam Bam Creative said...

I'm sure you could make something similar! I'm putting together some tutes on Easter crafts (nothing fancy, or too hard) just waiting to find some time to write them =)

Browns said...

you're a super clever mum!
Bet Grace had a blast at Easter =)

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